National Ice Cream Day 2014

A day filled with sweets and fun! – National Ice Cream Day 2014

    National Ice Cream day. Celebrating Ice cream and doing just as we were told to celebrate and hold festivities accordingly.
This day is one of those days that I love.  Its right up there with National Doughnut day and basically any day that deals with sweets.
In preparation for this I went to Pinterest to see if there was anything I really could do, or wanted to do. I saw a few crafts the seem cool. Which I posted here.
Unfortunately I thought about it and wasn’t entirely sure that I wanted to waste the hubby’s shaving cream, and my son is not careful enough with small objects yet to do Perler Crafts. I was going to bake some Cupcakes in cones but we were out of cake mix.  So I went into my baking container with another Idea in mind when I came across the marshmallows from the Fourth of July.
And then there was magic.
NationalIceCreamDay-SavvyCraftyMom-FunHolidayCrafts-blooper        The best part about these marshmallows were that they were SUPER CHEAP. The store we have around here had them for practically nothing at all so I grabbed a couple bags. I probably would have used Campfire marshmallows instead but I wasn’t going to the store anytime soon.
Dug out the Cupcake Icing and the sprinkles and went to work.
The biggest issue with the cones and any cones is that  there are times when they get cracked. So of course we had what I like to call blooper cones (when your doing this with kiddos its bound to happen) Then we had one that managed to keep itself together YES! so awesome. So of course photos were in order.
 My son asked for two pictures: The one above with his Green lantern and the one here just before he took a big chomp out of it. (I wish I had gotten a picture of that one.
The best part of this craft is that it’s edible, it also taught my son patience and gentleness while he was placing the marshmallows on top but the biggest lesson was this: Sometimes things fall apart but you just have to pick up the pieces, and in our case gobble them all up and try again!{Savvy Crafty Mom}
My Son Holding his Crafty Creation
Click Here for this craft and Visit For more Crafts!!

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