Motherhood and Loneliness It’s real.


Today I read an post  that nearly brought me to tears. It is titled “Are you lonely, mama” by When at home.


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My Share of the Post and what I wrote.


The quote that I shared from the article was:

“Maybe you’re in a new city, and you don’t know anybody, and then you meet people but they already have their group of friends and circles and you just kind of feel like the oddball out. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel defeated. It’s easy to cling to the computer and your online friends.”

This resonated with me the most this quote right here. We struggled a lot when we first moved here.  My husband an I moved clear across the country to an entirely new state and a new city it felt like my world had ended and a new one popped up in its place.

My friends were to far to see, my family to far to visit and we knew only one person here.  I was stuck I didn’t know how to drive, no public transportation, not many things to do here but sit at Walmart on a Friday night.

As time went our friends family took us in as their own. They invited us to their holidays, birthdays  and even their special family functions. I will be forever thankful for that it was so hard for those first years in more ways than one.

Then there is life. Its busy, it’s hectic, and insanely crazy. Add children to it and coordinating time to yourself and not being around enough people to help adds to it.

I guess that is just it. Motherhood is lonely.

I remember when I had only my first son, before we came across the country. My friends didn’t have children yet. So here I am going through this new season and trying to balance the old ones that my friends are in. Then one of my friends had a niece and she and I tried to spend time together with the kids and that was nice, and then more of my friends started having children but by then I was gone. It saddens me greatly.

There is more to this than I want to talk about just yet. Perhaps because I want to put it behind me, I don’t want the drama or perhaps I don’t want to be so honest it turns an ugly head. Maybe one day I will write a completely different post for that part but for now we are here.

Whether its part of the path we have been placed on, or perhaps something that we needed to feel and learn for the future. Who knows? but I know that everyday I work on myself and recognize how I feel and try to keep it under control.




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