30 days of Thanks 2014 Day-18,19,20


This is my 30 days of things, people and anything that I am thankful for in this journey of life.


Day: 18,19,20 -I am thankful for the people that keep our heads on straight. 

There are several people that help us keep our heads on straight. They let us know honestly what they think. They would take care of our kids and we trust them when it comes to advice and so on.

  • Charles – He and I have had many talks on all different subjects and topics and when I wonder if what I am doing is sane I usually run it by him.
  • Katie J – Her and her family treated my husband like family and we were so happy to be able to have her here when little man was born. She got to hold him and love on him just like she did with big brother.
  •  Kris – He has been a wonderful friend to my husband and since him and his family came into our lives he has been there to help in whatever ways he can. I could not be happier to share life with their whole family.


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30 days of Thanks 2014 Day-17
The Holidays in my house.