The Holidays in my house.


Why I celebrate Holidays starting at the beginning of the month and not giving into Hallothanksmas…. Or trying not to give into it anyway.

So my husband the other day looked around the living room threw his hands up and said:

“whats going on with the Christmas decorations? Your slacking…”

I could barely manage to keep myself from smacking him.

Let me explain why what he said made me so upset.

When I was really young I loved the holidays they were my favorite months, I practically counted down the days till November 1st. As I got older I loved them even more and continued not as wholeheartedly as when I was a kid but still I loved it.

Then when my mom moved across the country and I stayed with my dad in California, holidays became less and less, till eventually we didn’t celebrate them at all anymore. I always sneaked holiday time with my friends at school and with my Nana when I visited her but it got depressing.  I would look out my window at night and see all the Christmas lights and on my CD player I got one year for Christmas I would listen to my Hanson -Snowed In album non stop all season long.  Honestly I couldn’t wait till I was on my own solely for the fact that I wanted to celebrate my birthday and holidays.

When I finally graduated high school and started college I also started working. My first job at the Ice Cream shop was great I got to get out of my shell and I also got to make new friends. I did work most holidays only because I didn’t “celebrate” them like other people did. Then when I finally left that Job to my next job as a photographer at a theme park I alternated holidays. The neat thing about that job was that I even though I was at work we still celebrated. The lounge would serve a special meal for the team members at work and some shifts still got to get off in time to be with families. It was great.

Then we moved to Georgia and we ended up working at Walmart and this was my full immersion at a retail store. Halloween comes out in like August or September then just before Halloween it goes straight to Christmas So after working in that store I started to feel like I didn’t get a chance to enjoy each holiday  I didn’t get to out of town and visit, I was so tired after third I’d sleep, the only holiday I actually got off was Christmas Day  ( being on third I’d be back that night) so after I left that job I made a vow to enjoy my holidays one at a time.

So back to my original story. After he said that I explained that I wasn’t going to celebrate holidays till the first of the month that it falls under. My husband laughed and was like “but what about your website?” So I told him that I plan on following it on that too. He laughed again “you need to go with the same flow as the rest of the internet or your going to make a lot of people upset” and in a way he is right (if you tell him that I actually said that I will deny it.) I guess Ill be posting Making Christmas crafts in July and Valentines Crafts in December (thats how it feels anyway…)

We did end up compromising on the day after Thanksgiving to put up all the Christmas decorations however I am so excited that I may add some things little by little 😉

30 days of Thanks 2014 Day-18,19,20
Hear that ladies?