Decorative Magnet Boards for Decor or Gifts

Decorative magnet boards are one of my favorites to make and change around each season they are also a great ideas for scrapbook pages and for gifts also.


A couple months ago my husband and I were walking around Micheal’s and of course it wasn’t even Halloween yet and I saw a Christmas display and stopped dead in my tracks.

Let me tell you this I LOVE TO BUY CRAFT SUPPLIES and maybe that isn’t always in a good way. I get so many “millions” of ideas as I walk through the store, they bombard me from every angle and I can’t help it.

So what caught my eye you ask?

Isn’t it so pretty? – Via Me&My Big Ideas

When I saw this my mind went straight to my magnet board displays. I had to have it. I know I gave in but my husband was feeling in such a great mood that I may or may not have appealed to his good nature that day.

I got it home and opened it up and realized it came with an album… oops I may or may not have read it in my haste to own this beautiful kit of awesomeness.

Of course my husband decided to point this tiny and I mean tiny little detail out to me:

“you have three EMPTY albums already you know?”

*glare* “I bought it for the paper and the embellishments for my boards.”

“okay but you now have another EMPTY book”

My husband likes to point out the back when my son was born in 2009 he bought me a scrapbooking kit as a gift that I “had to have” to put all his pictures in, all his firsts, seconds and silly moments all nicely displayed with cute stickers and creative embellishments on it…. and it still sits there with nothing in it.

I discovered after he bought this for me that I like to display my creativity. I want people to be able to see and it enjoy it and so I ended up making family posters which i’ll share with you another time.


So I promised him that these will see the light of day and one day ill use the album too….. One day.

Now the time finally came to put these babies together if you follow Instagram  you know I shared a picture the day I went through and started figuring out which papers I wanted to use.

Instagram – savvycraftymom

I didn’t think it would be hard to choose between the papers they are really nice, and I can also use them for new years. I hope I can get another kit before the end of the season some of the patterned papers would be good for other ideas I have. (hahaha here I go again)

So If you want to know all the put it together details I shared this on – if you want to see what I used for my Christmas boards then continue on below.

What I used:

  • All That Glitter Christmas MambiKIT – Me & My Big Ideas –
  • Recollections – Gift IT Christmas Die-Cut Shapes
  • K&Company -BW Evergreen Die-Cut Cardstock and Acetate
  • Quartet – Magnet boards <- Affiliate link but you can see which ones I used exactly there are different ones.

Now let me show you some of the results from this project. 🙂

My Husband from Christmas Long Past 🙂


I didn’t have time to print and cut the images but I think they are still awesome! – Click this image to see it larger.


I think these came out really nice. I had this idea a few years ago and even though it evolved from that idea quite nicely. I may still go back and try out my original idea and I’ll let you know how it goes. 😀

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Hear that ladies?
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