Iron Elf


As Christmas approaches my news feed and Instagram are filled with a little Elf on the shelf doll dressed in red, doing silly things, pulling pranks, making cookies and reporting to The Big guy at the North Pole every night to tell him about a kids behavior.

I am not going to lie, I wanted one too. It looked like fun setting up little scenes for kids to discover in the morning. Every time I went to look for one they were sold out… and when they were in stock I didn’t have the money for one. I took it as a sign and moved on from the idea.

Then Came “Iron Man Stuffie” as my son calls him. A friend gave my son an Iron man plush toy, and right around this time I saw an article about parents using Dinosaurs to create cool scenes (Dinovember – Dinosaurs come to life) and so I thought that it would be cool to do something like that. No pressure and all year round if I wanted to.

So Iron Elf was born.  I never really sat down and talked to my son about what exactly he is doing, I mean he is IRON MAN he just does what he wants. It was nice that he just went around helping us get into the Christmas spirit.

His first Christmas he did all sorts of things:

The first day we put the tree up he was VERY interested at the angel that “fell from heaven” I am not sure that line went down well.


After being rejected by the angel he sulked for a couple days in the wreath and drowned him self in Candy Canes.


Then Iron Elf decided to hang around for a bit…we still don’t know why exactly.


The time he got tired of Caleb’s breath in the morning.


The time when it felt like it was already 10 days till Christmas a couple weeks ago… (We bought this at the dollar section of Target without paying attention and so there are flaws at least it was only a dollar…)


He really thought it was for him my son giggled/ scolded him for days after this one…


This time he made it to the middle of the floor. He thought he bought a gingerbread HOUSE, instead he bought a whole village!


He wanted to share the meaning of Christmas. One part of the story each night.



This year we got Iron Elf a friend my son named this little misfit elf: Bob Cot Christopher (don’t ask I didn’t)

This elf plays by different rules he doesn’t report to Santa every single night Why? because he believes that Santa is forgiving and will only go to the North to tell Santa anything if he isn’t sorry for what he’s done (he usually is)  I want him to be a good person year round not just one season and he has enough issues with school because he gets faces in his agenda based on his behavior and that stresses him out a bit (he doesn’t like getting in trouble and having people mad at him) last thing he needs is the feeling of an elf reporting (maybe its not tattling to some people but it feels that way for me.) on him for forgivable things.  Also He can touch them and they don’t lose their magic, we have a 1 year old he is going to get his hands on him at some point.

This is their first Christmas together and they seem to be getting along quite nicely 🙂


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