Me and Planners

Me and Planners. A sort of  New Years resolution.


As the new year began I thought that maybe it would be a great time to  get organized. I considered many options for this and then I had the bright idea:

I need a planner!

Then the reality check:


Over the years I have had millions of planners….okay maybe not millions but I have had my fare share of them. I was one of those planner addicts (look at that hash tag on instagram) yup I had the pens, the fillers,stickers, etc and guess what two months later nothing. Sometimes though I would make it to about four months before it became another wasted bunch of money. My husband protests the idea each time, then he gives up and budgets it in and off I go.

Then I got excited about having a real phone with a calendar…NOPE

Apps? I had some free ones and I am sure one still exists on my tablet somewhere….NOPE

Yeah somewhere deep down I know I need it, I know I have to get it organized and figured out. So I sit here and wonder how I can keep organized and not fall off the band wagon in a couple months in.

We shall see….






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