Make Safe Happen Superbowl AD

There is only perhaps one other thing that got attention besides Missy Elliott’s performance. The Nationwide Insurance AD  for

(If you have yet to see it be warned it can be a trigger for some people)

The Ad which I finally got to see this morning has a young boy, talking about all the things that he doesn’t get to do. At the end of the ad he reveals that he is dead.

Now personally it made me think. Others it made VERY angry.

The hard part is that I am in the middle. I think people took it as a direct ad about insurance. The message is that they want to raise awareness about preventable accidents. We can’t stop all accidents from happening but we can try and do what we can to be as safe as possible within reason.

I think it was a risk to put this out during the Superbowl.  There are people that have lost their babies and this may have brought it all back up. Parents that haven’t been able to let go of what happened to their little one. It all can hurt. Children that watched may have become traumatized by it.

I wish they had made their intention clear. I wish they had left the insurance out of it. The true intent of the ad was covered over by the thought of them selling insurance. When they should have been more clear about the safety aspect of the Ad. I didn’t know that this was to help promote safety in the home until I read their statement later.

Was Superbowl Sunday the right day to do this? They may not have chosen the best day or the right wording. However our daily lives have become so full. When and what other opportunity do you have Millions of peoples attention? When do you actually have the opportunity to get the word out about children s safety? Would people still watch this if it came out Tuesday or Friday?

I mean think about this for a second, do we really need to see an Ad about a Fiat taking a Viagra……

Let’s hope that when the anger subsides and people see the true intent of the Ad that the people take the time to think about safety, for themselves, their children and their pets.

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