Superbowl Halftime Show- Missy Elliott What!!


by @Durantbphresh on twitter
by @Durantbphresh on twitter


Ok before you judge me harshly I grew up listening to a diverse music selection.

Missy Elliott came out with Supa Dupa fly back in what 97′ at the time I was more fascinated by the video than the song itself, but when “Get yo Freak on” came out I wanted to get up and dance. The lyrics may not be the best for those that are not into it.  However if you find an instrumental to that song and play it!? oh yeah you will get a good workout 🙂 (at least I will)

Oh and Katy Perry rocked that half time show and It was awesome to see Lenny Kravits. I feel like Lenny got out shined but Missy put that thang down, flipped it and reversed it!

just sayin’


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