When someone becomes a memory.



I have been trying to minimize the amount of time I spend on Facebook lately, I ended up getting on by habit (in lieu of my Classwork that’s due) as I am scrolling through my timeline, I come to realize that some of my friends from my time at Sea World San Diego are sharing their memories about someone. As I read them I realized who they were talking about.

Emily was a wonderful lady. I loved working with her and talking to her about her family and getting advice and just laughing at the silly things guests do. When I found out I was pregnant with my oldest she made the most wonderful blanket, and it was basically perfect. It hasn’t fallen apart, it’s just the right size and it’s his favorite blanket it’s his only blanket.

What makes me even more sad is that only a few days ago I thought of her and was going to E-mail her, and like usual I got caught up in the day and didn’t go back and do it. Now it’s too late.

For a while whenever I put his blanket on his bed I would flip it over and look at the tag she sewed into it and would see her name on it and smile. Today I went into my sons room today and picked it up off his bed and flipped it over to look at the tag and the tag is blank now…

The tag is blank but I will always remember.

Rest In Peace Emily Brown, In my heart forever.

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