3 Day Potty Training

The Three day Potty training process and what we did with our two boys.

We recently began the potty training process. I did the same thing that we did with our oldest. What we did is the three day potty training. I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to see if it would work again.

In case your wondering I will break it down from what I remember. I was going to link back to the page but I cannot seem to find it in my pins.

  • With this process you are devoting three days to stay home. No distractions, no errands nothing that would take away from being able to get little one to the potty. With my oldest I made the mistake of leaving the house on the third day and he had an accident. So clear your schedule your not going anywhere for THREE DAYS.
  • No DIAPERS, NO PULL UPS and I highly recommend no pants . When we do this we only let them wear underwear and that’s it. Both of my boys took the opportunity to be less diligent and when they wore diapers and pull ups used the potty less.
  • Sit them in ONE spot. With our kids I put a plastic bag down on the floor, they sat in that one area until they had to go to the potty and if they had an accident then it wasn’t a mess to clean up.
  • Focus. With our oldest he had his plastic bag, his favorite movie (Cars), his little table and a coloring book – that’s it. With our youngest I made the mistake of letting him sit with his tablet and he had way more accidents so after taking the tablet he was right back on track so we let him sit and read and watch TV.
  • Lots of water. We gave our kids lots of water and got a sense of how long it took them to have to go potty.
  • Timing. once we got the timing of how long it took for the potty to happen we then would periodically remind them to check if they have to go.

Doing this for the three days was awesome because we took the time out of this busy life and spent it with them. For those of you who are wondering we did use candy BUT we only used it for the first few pee’s and the first poo. I thought that he might get confused but they took it like champs and after a while all they needed were cheers and high fives.

Now we currently are using Pull ups when we leave the house and at night but he has been waking up dry so soon we may switch to undies at night but not quite yet.

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