My Breast Reduction Journey

breastreduction2-savvycraftymomAs I laid in bed I couldn’t sleep. I am only days away from the biggest and most life changing step in my life. I honestly didn’t think this opportunity would come.

When we first moved to Ohio from Georgia we didn’t think that we would all get insurance. In California we couldn’t even get insurance on our oldest child. In Georgia only the kids were able to get health insurance.

So imagine my excitement when we finally did. My husband and I weren’t exactly sure that I would be able to get the breast reduction, but I had to at least try.

I sat down on the insurance site and looked over all the information on breast reduction. Then I went through the ENTIRE list of surgeons. When I say that I went over the entire list I mean it. I looked at all the ratings for each one. I went to all their websites and looked at their before and after shots.  I looked for an entire day.

When I finally found the one to try I called them. Now in my research I actually found a practice that had two surgeons. The one that I am having do my surgery actually made me feel alright some of the people mentioned things about him but when we had consultation I felt fine about it all. I didn’t experience what the raters were experiencing. So I take all those with a grain of salt. His assistance was nice and she said they have been working together for over 25 years or so.  So once it was determined that I qualified they turned in the insurance.

They told us that it would be six to eight weeks before we find out. I about died….I was ready now. I have waited for this forever.

Then I have to say this my pride kicked in full tilt. I was already picking out clothes and bras and styles on Pinterest, my mind was going down a path of I am going to look better than so and so. Don’t get me wrong having pride in how you look isn’t all bad. My kind of pride went down a not so humble route.

So we waited and waited then the time came and we waited an extra week and then we called.

I got denied.

My heart sank

My pride sank

I came back to reality.

Then they recommended that I called the Insurance company since they might be more responsive to us as the patient and  that is what my husband and I did. I let my husband talk, I am not as persuasive as he is. So we found that they hadn’t sent in enough information for an urgent need. So we filed an appeal and we plead our case.

Then we had to wait again not as long but long enough. This time around I didn’t let it get to my head. Which is hard by the way. I went through my clothes and was sad at the thought that I might have to just let them go since they don’t fit. I put them away in a container and figured one day it will come.

Then one Tuesday day my husband checked the mail. He opened it and didn’t tell me about it. He read it first before he said anything. Then he said “your letter came”  at this point I tried to read his face and I thought for sure I had gotten denied. I didn’t even hear the part where he said I got approved. I read it and was lost. Then he was like you got approved.

I broke down and cried.

I still want to cry now just thinking about how much I have wanted this moment.

By the time I got the letter it was to late to call the office and get the next step. So we called the next day, and she said they hadn’t gotten the letter. At this point I was like oh geeze more waiting I couldn’t handle more waiting. Then I asked if I could bring it in person or email it or something and luckily she said I could email it and that she would call me to let me know she got it.

I waited a whole day, she never called.

So the next day I called the office and funny enough my info was on the schedulers desk ha ha I beat her to it. I didn’t expect to be in surgery this week though. This is a bit of a whirlwind for me. A good one though.

Its still a bit unreal but I got my pre and post op paper work in the mail already its so real, and so exciting.

I am planning on taking some before and after shots of some kind but I am not sure when or how. Ill get on it though. Then I will share them here.

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