My Breast Reduction Journey : Fears and Expectations

breastreduction3-savvycraftymomI am once again unable to sleep… its supposed to be fall and I am sweating to death. I am also excited that in just a couple days I will be getting my breast reduction.

I have been trying not to spend to much time searching the internet for images and horror stories but I can’t help it.

I know its normal to wonder whats going to happen and if I picked the right surgeon. I am still a little bit worried.

There are several things I am expecting from all of this:

  • I don’t expect to have feeling in my nipple. I am pretty sure that the size that I am going from is going to be a significant change.
  • Its gonna hurt for a while. I know its going to probably be at least three months or more.
  • I am going to feel weird for a while. I know there is going to be an adjustment period where I will be getting used to the new size and all.
  • Proper breast screenings. I have given myself heart attacks because I think I found something but it was just breast.

There are probably more things I am worried about though…

  • Will the surgeon make them too small? I really don’t want to not have any breasts. Just a size that fits my body.
  • What if they find something in there? The surgeon told me that they test the tissue for potential issues and I am nervous that they will find something in there I don’t want.
  • What if the guy makes them un-even? or the nipples look weird? I am too much of a perfectionist I try not to think about it but I don’t want to look odd either.

I know I shouldn’t worry but, its a major surgery and I just have to hope it all goes well.

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