My Breast Reduction Journey: Before And Afters

I said thsavvycraftymom-before-breastreduction-notforuseanywhereelseat I would share my breast reduction before and after Photos with all of you. Now that I finally got my phone to co operate I can go ahead and share them with you.

This bra is as you can tell has seen much better days. I was a JJ at one point this bra in particular is a US 36 L /UK 36 HH. The worst part is that it was about time to get a new bra because I only had three that I could even get proper anything out of. My breast actually go way lower without a bra. Pretty much to my pants line. My breasts actually sat on and weighed my stomach down a lot. I used to have dark indentations under my breasts where the skin rubbed together.

This has been my life since forever. Quadraboob and underboob drop out the bottom of the bra, The rashes the huge blister that I got under my breast one year. Is now on its way to being the past. Thank goodness.

Now I do have a post op picture. Its not edited so brace yourself. I took it 3 days post op.savvycraftymom-postop-breastreduction-notforuseanywhereelse The first thing that I really noticed was my ability to breath. When I woke up I almost felt like I was taking to much air in. It was the weirdest thing to feel like I have to much air. When I used to get sick and have a hard time breathing I would actually lift my breasts and I would get more air.

My posture is getting better I am still catching myself slouching but its not as bad as it was before surgery. The relief on my back is awesome.

They are still swollen and still healing so they aren’t at their final size yet. I really wish I hadn’t needed the drains they are actually uncomfortable to me. Other than that there really isn’t as much pain as I thought there would be.

Would I go and do it all over again?

Of course I would!


My Breast Reduction Journey : Surgery Day
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