My Breast Reduction Journey : Surgery Day

I woke up at 4:30 breastreduction5-savvycraftymomAm. I had hardly any sleep due to the excitement. The funny thing is that I wasn’t as nervous as I had been the days prior. I wasn’t allowed to eat but I ate my NuPlus that morning and I am glad that I did. (ill explain NuPlus in another post.) The ride there was interesting and mostly consisted of political talk.

We finally got to Columbus at about 6:30 or so and went to check in. This whole thing has been a weird time for me because when I went to set up the appointment they had my number wrong. Then I get there and they can’t find me. It turns out that they had my name backwards. Once we got all that straightened out I sat and waited for Pre OP.

There were quite a few people in there, I had heard that it was a busy day the last few days. I thought it was going to take forever. Then they called my name.

They took me back to Pre-Op and I changed out of my clothes and into a gown. For the last few days I had been feeling like a awkward person. So when the nurse came and asked me how I was doing all I could say was “Awkward”. Luckily she was one of those awesome nurses that totally  went with it. She was like “me too usually I am in endoscopy.” She was little slow but our chat made it not so bad.

Once all that was done they called my husband back to sit with me and we waited some more he took some pictures for me. I don’t even remember how long the wait was to be honest. Then my surgeons assistant came in and talked to us and let us know he was going to come in pretty soon. Then we waited a little longer. Finally the surgeon came and marked me up and I told him what I would like to look like and then he explained the post op and the timeline.

By this point I am so excited, and couldn’t wait. The anesthesiologist came in and put the nausea patch behind my ear( Thank goodness he did) and gave me the “cocktail” It hit me almost instantly, To the point that all I remember before passing out was the big round blue lights in the OR.

When I woke up it was weird. There was a nurse that was in charge of two of us. He asked me some questions that I don’t remember. The only pain I had really was under my breast on the left side. I was so thirsty that I could barely talk, and the Phlegm was crazy.

I had to lay there for a while, even though they said I orientated well. There was another patient that came out of the OR that needed more attention, so I get set aside. I didn’t realized this but that added a whole other hour to my Post OP. I was trying to see if they would let my husband come and bring me my clothes so that while they took care of him I could get dressed before I nodded back to sleep. Once they settled him in they finished up with me and brought my husband back and he helped me dress and out I went.

I was hard to eat for a few days though. I had to eat mostly moist foods. I left the nausea patch on for a couple days just to be safe. The drains itch and the bra rubs them a little but I would totally do it all again.

So I spent about 6 to 8 Hours in the hospital

3 spent in surgery and 2-3 spent in Post op


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