Halloween in a new town

Via History.comOne of the most interesting things that I have learned since I first moved out of California.

Since moving out of California about 7 years ago (has it been THAT long?!) is that on the east coast most people celebrate Halloween a wee bit differently.

When we first moved to Ga, we had people that told us which sub division to go to and if it fell on a Sunday or in our case a Monday that they celebrate it the Friday or Saturday before. In Cali I don’t recall that they ever moved Trick or Treating to a different night.

Now that we are in OH its even more different… they are supposed to be trick or treating TONIGHT!!! When our friend told us this I was like its already about 2 o clock. I thought it would be Friday or Saturday at least….not tonight. My husband talked to the neighbor across the street and he told him the story of how he decorated his whole house and got all dressed up and only got 5 trick or treaters.

If you know me I love holidays, I love decorating and getting dressed up. But looking out now its a ghost town. There isn’t even any kids running around like they do everyday after school.  Its kind of depressinghalloween-notrickortreaters-savvycraftymom. Especially since my boys love dressing up. So we decided that we would let them dress up and go pick out some candy at the store til we figure out where to go for all the trick or treating.

Its been rough on them moving to a new town. Back in GA we actually lived in the most popular sub division for trick or treating. We just had to leave our house and it was great. This year is going to be a hard year for the boys.

So off go my lights, and we will watch some movies.

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