My Breast Reduction Journey: 1 Week Post Op

savvycraftymom-1wk-postop-breastreduction-notforuseanywhereelseSo I am back, It has been an interesting few days.

I think what happened in the first few days was that I tried to get back into the swing of things at home and wore myself out. Literally I was ready for a nap by like 2 pm. My husband thinks its because I was coming off the Oxy’s they gave me.

Keep in mind that I only took the recommended dosage the first 2 days maybe, then for a day I only took one in the morning then I took Ibuprofen at night then by Tuesday I haven’t taken anything at all. So I think I am doing good. Especially since I am not a fan of medications in general.

The Drains are still pretty irritating but I think I figured out what my problem is with them. My Compression bra might not be the right size. It rides up and sits under my breasts. At night it’s not so bad because I am laying down but during the day i’m constantly tugging at it. Taking it off at shower time is like heaven. Ill be asking them about that at my first appointment and try to see if they have another in a bigger size maybe.

Also I am starting to get more twinges and tingles in my breasts. I am hoping that is just everything reconnecting itself. And I have feeling in one of my nipples so, I am so glad to know that its going to have feeling again. I am weird but I worried about that a lot.

I am super glad that I had my Black Soap. For those of you who don’t know its an all natural herbal soap that I use EVERYWHERE. I got it from a herb store in Hiram GA, and its handmade. I have seen some variations of it but it’s not the same at all. I am so happy my husband bought some before we moved out of GA it’s been helpful. I haven’t been as itchy and its been helpful on my skin.

So yesterday was my first official day getting dressed and out of the house. it was so weird to see my new profile. I wish I had taken a picture of it. The best part is that people weren’t mean mugging me and guys weren’t staring at anything other than my face. Now I still have a bit of a belly from having my boys. Working out wasn’t easy before but now I am all about it.

As of now I don’t know my size they are still kind of getting their shape. I am pretty sure I will be at least a C.

I know a lot of Instagrammers have been putting their stories under their posts but I feel like that is a lot to read on a small page ha ha. Anyways I am not an expert but I will answer questions if I can. Keep in mind that I have a windows phone so Insta DM’s are not even an option (or I’d use them to make an answer post) so probably your best bet is comments on here.

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