My Breast reduction journey: Healing Update

I have been healing alright. I did have a few days of massive headaches. Usually with an headache I can drink some water or eat a banana and be done with it but that didn’t work. Luckily for me I had to have a scope done because of my acid re flux issues so they gave me oxygen and they put me out to do the scope so that actually helped me get rid of the headache.

I also have woken up to pretty much laying on my sides. My husband has seen me do this and is afraid to wake me up since I have been having issues sleeping. My left side hurts mostly because of the drain. My right side I can sleep all day all night no issues.

I am sad that I had to leave my drains in so long if I had gotten them taken out after the first week. I don’t think they would have hurt as much 🙁 I am just worried that now that they are irritated (and have gotten caught on something on more than one occasion) They are going to hurt getting taken out.

I have also had this strange desire to lightly rub on my side stitches. I don’t know if its the stimulation. I don’t know what it is but its strangely satisfying. I have been trying not to rub them to hard or for too long.

After my shower today my husband asked me when do I get to take my compression bra off. I told him that I am not allowed to take it off for a month. He looked at the stitches and told me I needed to let them air out or there will be problems. Its weird how my husband can tell if I am going to get an infection before I do. He has called it more times than I can count. So I dried off and let them sit for 30 or so minutes. I actually felt much better after that. I also was able to not wear the gauze any more.

BTW I have never been a bra person and I cannot tell you how much I am so excited every single time I get to take that dang bra off. I live for it. I cannot wait to be out of that bra. ha ha.

I am going to go ahead and put the new pictures up here. I still have the tape on and the drains in at the moment. They aren’t the most glamorous looking but they are where I am at right now.


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