My Breast Reduction Journey: My First Appointment

My first appointment went well. I got to ask a lot of questions. and he said in two more weeks I will have no restrictions. woo hoo.

They look so gross to me. Yuck

They took the Drains out, If I could have jumped for joy if it didn’t hurt. No my drains were in for like two weeks, they had gotten irritated and red.  If I had gotten them out the first week They wouldn’t have gotten so irritated. The only sting was the initial snip of the stitch and then it was one tug and out. The drain itself was quick and I didn’t really feel anything.

There are only two more stitches to take out and those will be taken out in a couple weeks at my next appointment.

So I asked him a series of questions and I am trying to think if I can remember them all…

  • I asked him what the odds would be of them coming back? and he said it would be based on if I gained weight.
  • Then I asked what about them getting smaller when I workout? and he said that its highly unlikely that they would get smaller since I only have like 15 to 20 lbs to lose.
  • I asked him how much did they remove and they took off 1.5 lbs from each side so 3 lbs altogether.
  • When will the swelling go down? he told me that they should be about done at 3 months
  • He also told me that I should hold off on buying bras until then just because they will fluctuate and you don’t want to spend a lot of money until then.
  • When I get my period will they be sore, I don’t remember the response but a few days ago they started getting sore in spots and pain twangs and lo and behold my period came a week early… keep that in mind.
  • I mentioned that they are itchy and a little sore and he said it could be because of the tape and that it was time to start pulling them off and gently cleaning the blood off.

There were more and as I remember them I will add them to this. Keep in mind that the doctor is just one doctor some will have different responses based on your recovery and your body. I posted these here just in case someone wanted some kind of an answer.

The next thing was he said that it was time to take the tape off. They told me to let the bandages get wet in the shower (still can’t take baths yet) then apply Vaseline to them and that it would make it easier to take off. I did that and it was still tough to get off.

Part of me wanted to wait a few more days before I pulled them off. I probably should have waited till after my period in a few days since they are sensitive at the moment. I started pulling them off and they kept getting hung up so my husband had to help at that point.

Looks Scary right? :/

Oh my goodness the tape was a pain in a half right under my breast and the part under my nipple. Then we discovered under the right nipple just where the line meets the cut under that there was a spot that wasn’t quite as closed.

We called the office and they told us to put some butterfly band aids and cover it with gauze for now. We emailed them the pictures they asked for and we are still waiting for a response but other than that they are doing great.

Seeing them without the tape was cool and weird. I am so glad that the nipple is not as small as some of the pictures I have seen online. The look round and the right size. The funny thing is that they look like pepperonis to me hahaha.

Other than the nervousness about the incision I feel excited.

So I was hoping to share more of the healing progress in photos, but my husband asked me not to. He is worried that people will treat me differently later on down the line and judge me for showing my nipples in photos even if its just for this. Honestly if people are that judgmental then maybe I’d rather not have them around. But I will honor his request so don’t be surprised if I go back and edit the other photos.


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