My Breast Reduction Journey: Periods

period-painI am currently on period 2 after my reduction. I am glad that I am writing this now because I did not realize that what they said about the pain is true. For me it is anyway.

A week before my first period after reduction I started having tingles and kind of sharp pains. The incisions also got really sensitive and I almost went bra less because the compression bra felt like it was rubbing it to much.

My second period breast pain wasn’t as bad as the first time around. The incisions are still sensitive and red but the pains aren’t as bad as they were the first time around.

It is weird for me because before the reduction I didn’t really have the breast pain with my periods. Just swelling mostly. I do hope this subsides with time because randomly going “OUCH” and grabbing my breast at all the wrong times is getting a bit embarrassing.

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