My Breast Reduction Journey: Second Appointment

breastreduction-1month-savvycraftymomSo my second appointment was a few weeks ago.

They looked at the one breast that looked like it was opening and by this time it had healed up. (Don’t get me started on the fact that they didn’t return my call.)

He said it all looked great and that I could now wear sports bras. I was almost as happy about that as I was to get the drains out. I have to admit I don’t like to sleep in bras at all so when he also said that I don’t have to wear one at night anymore I was even more excited.

Since I was almost to the month mark he said that I could start walking for exercise. Then he said that once I hit the month mark the restrictions are off and I can resume a normal routine. So I started trying to figure out the best routine for me to get this belly gone.

One of them is a little bit bigger than the other which he said is normal. I am a little skeptical but we will see how it goes.

I also didn’t realize I much I slouched so I am hoping working my back will start to get me not so hunched over.

I don’t have to go back now til February when I “graduate” and can start looking into actual bras.

After the appointment we went to T J MAXX and I am so glad that I did. I wanted to look at bras and just get an idea and maybe buy one cheapo one that can hold me over till February.

When we got there I kind of assumed I was a C and found a Reebok sports bra (Dark pink) for only like 5.50 and the Marilyn Monroe ones (the two pack) for 9.00. The Monroe ones are softer and they are even decent for sleep ( when I fall asleep without taking it off oops) and the Reebox one is good for more active days.

Ill update as things come up there may not be as many updates as things get closer to the holidays, but keep checking back.

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