Happy Planner Idea


The year before last for Christmas I got my first happy planner. This came in a long line of me buying planners and calendars and journals and so on and only using them for maybe a couple months.

This last year I managed to use it all but two months. I was so proud of myself.

Now the only issue that I noticed this last year is that I am not a weekly planner at all I like to see my full month. So my planner was mostly unused and that made me feel like I was wasting some of my money. When it starting coming to the end of the year I started to think about different things and how I can translate this into my planner for the next year.

First idea was that I wanted to use more of a Bujo journaling style. For those that don’t know that is more of a graph paper or a dotted paper that is more customizable because you draw and line how you want and it is good for tracking patterns, lists and Habits.

I wanted to try a more Bujo style and I actually started that process of cutting my graph paper and squaring off the boxes. That is when it got a bit tedious, mainly because I needed two sets of monthly layouts for each month and I like to set up my whole year at a time otherwise it will not happen. I was really wishing our printer was working at that point.

I took a couple days and sat back and just started the process of figuring out how to use what I have already at my disposal. Then it came to me.

The weekly boxes are a bit bigger and allow me to have more writing room and that is a huge plus. On top of that I have so many pages of weeklies that I can make two separate sections and basically have two planners in one. Plus I can now use them and not feel like I am wasting anything. Not to mention all the pretty weekly layout stickers they sell.  😉

This post could get long, just being honest. I am going to go through what I did and hopefully it all makes sense.

First thing I did was made a list of all the things that I want and need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis etc. Once it all got written down I then went in and divided it up on the basis of Personal or Website  related. Once I did all that I laid them out by Days and what I am hoping to accomplish on these days.

After I got it all laid out I then made up a color chart using my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens,  Each Item did get it’s own color, so each family member got their own color and each type of task got its own color.

I made a Color key kind of like the ones you would find in a Bujo journal. To make this one that you see in the picture.

I first cut my graph paper to the size for a Happy Planner. Then I wrote the list out that way I could cut it to the size needed on the sheet. So here you see that I made a color list and a symbol key list.

BTW I found this awesome paper at Hobby Lobby. I cut the paper for the background to the size of a Happy Planner page and then I punched it ( Using the Happy Planner Classic Punch) Once that was done then all I had to do was get some double sided tape and done.

I really love how the key’s came out and I really loved that paper.

Once I got all that organized I went to work on the “meat and Bones” of my planner. If you have a Happy Planner like me you know that a portion of the monthly page is on the back of the divider… IT DRIVES ME NUTS! because I want to reuse the dividers, I want to be able to use them again but It would look strange to have an old month on there, just sayin’. I had to figure out how to be able to reuse the divider without having the old month on there.

So After going through all the pages I decided to do something about that. I used the “This month” page and stapled that to the other side of the divider. I figured next year I can remove the staples and use a new one.

For the other half of the monthly page I decided to use a graph page and cut it and punched it and that one I used double sided tape to attach that one. The other reason for the graph also was for my monthly trackers.  By doing this it also lets me use the weekly side on the back.

I did manage to get a 2017 Calendar printed up before we had printer issues so I taped it to the graph paper.

Now for the biggest part of my planner. For the Weekly boxes what I did was figure out what day the first of the month falls on. For Jan it was easy since Sunday was the first but for the other months not so much. So I went ahead and put the first in the first box and just labeled it accordingly.  I was also able to label a second set for my Sites.

The reason I did this is that I can write more in depth this way things related to one or the other and they won’t get mixed up. I am just happy to be working with one planner instead of two.

Here you can see a bit of my Feb layout before the pen. On all the pages I took some washi tape and covered up the tops and the sides that had writing on them.

There were a few blank pages in between them but I use them for notes and random jotting of info.

In case you were wondering the colored boxes are days where I plan on relaxing or not doing much of anything.

This has been a fun and interesting challenge. Especially to make this something that will work for me in the long run.


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