Happy Planning – Vacation Planner

I mentioned this on my instagram the other day about Condensing my planner down to something simpler to travel with. I thought that since I laid out my new planning style in the post – Happy Planner Idea I would also go through what I did to make it travel friendly and give me something to do in flight.

I also discovered back when I first got this planner. That it fits in a  bible cover that zips up even better.

The first thing I did to condense it is that I am only taking the month that I will be in while I am gone. So in this case only the month of Feb. That way it won’t take much space in my purse.

Every time that we have traveled we usually go by car. This time we are going all four of us by plane for the first time ever.   The problem is that I tend to be an over packer and so I am trying really hard to only take what we need for 16 days not 16 weeks. I also thought it might be a good idea not to take the full planner and free up space for important things.

So here is what I did.

I got another Happy Planner for Christmas woo hoo lucky me lol. With that being said If you noticed i’m using the regular sized rings from that new planner that I will use next year, but if I had it my way I would use the smaller rings.

I also did something fun with mine another gift I got from the hubs was a GIANT adult coloring book. I have not seen one this thick till I unwrapped it at Christmas. So I found some of the less “desirable” pages meaning that I probably wouldn’t frame them or anything like that and put them in my Silhouette Cameo and cut them to the template size I made. I did cut several pages of these so that I can have something to do on the way there and back.

The neat part also is that the backs are blank so I can doodle on those and then add them to my Slate 2 when I land.

The next thing I wanted to use it for was some trip journaling since this is the boys first journey on a plane and to California. For those I just used some of the Happy Planner paper packs.

I also wanted to make some Bujo like Trackers while I am there. Now there are some Happy Planner graph paper in the pack but I decided to go ahead and cut and make my own using graph paper.

I will tell you one thing  that planner punch comes in handy quite a bit.

One of the other things that I am using this for is to keep track of all of our luggage too. Making a checklist so that we know if we are missing anything. We tend to lose items not matter how hard I try not to.

So here’s to hopefully a successful trip. I think I am ready at least I hope so, since I only have a few days left till we leave.


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