First Impressions – ISKN Slate2

So before I begin let me just say that this review is my own. This is not a sponsored post.

So a while back, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an Ad for the Slate and I automatically fell in love with the idea of being able to draw and bring it to the digital world at the same time.

One of the biggest reasons I wasn’t into digital was because I didn’t like having to scan and it not coming out right. So for me this would make it so much easier.

My husband ordered this right before Christmas and I was so excited. I knew it wouldn’t come before Christmas but I didn’t expect it to be as long of a wait as it was. The overwhelming amount of orders I guess pushed the wait all the way till January.

During the long wait I downloaded the program to my computer and played around with it a bit. The only issue is that there are features on the other version for iOs that don’t seem to be on the PC.

When we emailed them wondering how much longer the wait would be, they were good to respond and let us know the situation. When I finally got the UPS tracking number I watched it for all three days! I am crazy I know. I will give them this at least it came in three days!


The packaging was nice, I didn’t have a hard time opening everything.

I didn’t get to order the package with the Tip in it. Mine did come with:

  • The Slate 2
  • The Ring
  • The Sleeve

Now when I opened my box for the Slate I went looking for the instructions, There weren’t any.  A lot of their instructions are online and on their blog. For some this could be annoying but I didn’t mind it.

The slate came with a USB chord for me it’s a pretty reasonable length especially for where I had to set it up. I plugged it in and waited a few hours for it to charge.

The sleeve is really nice it has two snaps and it feels like perhaps a wool and it holds your slate and if you have a tablet it could hold it too.  The only things that really bothered me was that one there is an interesting, weird smell that took me aback for a second. Two the snaps if you want to sit the slate on it on your lap you can’t really use the sleeve because the metal of the snaps interfere.

The slate itself is interesting so once it was charged, I opened up the program and syncing it gave me a bit of a time. I had to learn to change the size of the paper in the Graphic tablet configurator.

So when it came time to get it to work I thought I was good any and all objects were moved away. Yet for some reason it was still giving me a hard time. So when my Husband came in he had some miracle hands and boom it synced. During this we discovered that it really really cannot be near ANY and I mean ANY thing no matter how tiny that is magnetized or metal. My desk has the metal for the slider for the key board so it wouldn’t sync ( by sync I mean the pen and slate) properly.  So after all this the table that I use is all wood.

Changing the ring. This was fine at first but then I realized that I was supposed to re sync the tool to the slate every time you change it. I was just changing the ring and going on to the next.

Now I haven’t figured out how to make the pencil on the program look as good as I want but I do like it. It is true that it doesn’t always look exactly the same as paper but I don’t mind as much.

I have only had it for a couple weeks as I use it more I will make more posts. Also with this new slate I will be streaming on twitch too so hey you will be able to see it in action and hear my grumbles.

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