My Breast Reduction Journey : The “Last” appointment

So Yesterday was my “last” appointment. Now I would go in on an as needed basis. The doctor said that everything looked good. I do still have some tenderness on the right side but he said that it was normal.

on a more personal level they kind of feel like they are sagging again… I am not sure if that is a result of them finally softening up after surgery or what but personally I had hoped they would stay put a little better. They also feel heavier too, for a moment I actually thought they might be getting bigger. Ill add some updated images here in a bit.

on another note I did finally get some bras and bralettes for Christmas its still weird to be able to fit in bras that are so cute. I am glad that I was able to hit up Victoria’s secret for actual bras this time instead of only going for the body washes.

There isn’t a whole lot to report to be honest.

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