About Me

I am a Mom, a wife, a daughter, and a quiet force.

My imagination is rampant,

My creativity is wild,

My Intuition is loud, (Even though I often second guess it)

I am human,

and I am Loved


This blog is all about me. Things I like, things I find interesting and just anything that fits.

I have had plenty of blogs previously but I don’t think they fit me to well. I have always held back, tried not to make people mad or express what I actually want to say and  I have always had a hard time expressing myself in words before but now I am  putting those hard times behind me.

My mind is loud and full of thoughts and music and wisdom.   I have opinions but I usually keep them to myself. However you guys get to experience them first had. I may offend you at some point so have some big girl panties ready.

I am a sort of Holder on-er of things….. most people would say that I am heading down pack rat lane at 100 mph but I DO have a PLAN for those things I promise….

I am a LEO born in the year of the RAT. It often feels like I am chasing myself if you look at it from a more literal point of view.  I think the biggest thing for me being a Leo is people expect you to be the life of the party, outgoing and a party animal. Let me tell you social anxiety is no joke.

I was born and raised in California and now I live in the  South….. can you say BIG adjustment for me. I miss the beach greatly. I miss certain types of people. I do NOT miss how expensive it is out there.

I think things in my head that don’t always make it to my mouth.

There is one thing I try very hard to keep from my heart and my mouth and that is Hate. I remember reading somewhere that hate is essentially like a death sentence. When you hate someone  or say “I hate you” its almost like saying that the person is not worthy of life that their soul is not worthy of being  alive. I tend to try and hold my tongue and thoughts when I get that angry.

Most importantly I am imperfect make mistakes and am human.